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Maple Valley is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and families looking for a place to live while still enjoying the feel of a small town. It is an easy drive from WA-18, as is Lake Francis Park, and it is easily connected to the Maple Valley, giving it access to a variety of restaurants, shops, parks and other amenities.

There are a number of great local restaurants in the Maple Valley, and you can enjoy them all, just to name a few of the many options nearby. Herb - shellfish fillet and roast beef, served for four to six people or fried chicken for two, with a choice of three or four side dishes. Bbebe Fried Chicken, serves four or six different chicken varieties, with two sides and different sides, such as pork ribs, pork chops, chicken wings and more.

Cheese ($45) is available for two, with a choice of three or four side dishes. There are also items a la carte, and whatever pastry chef Katie Elsing likes, including a spiced gingerbread for $7.50. Desserts are included, and items like the $30 cinnamon roll with eggnog and cream cheese glaze are available, as well as a selection of cheeses and meat platters.

The first course is crab cake with salad, and then guests can choose between cedar salmon, beer - braised short ribs, breast fillet with horseradish and caramelized onions, or Parmesan - crusted New York strip steak. Choose from ham with maple mustard, pork belly, ham and cheese, chicken breast, turkey, beef briskets, salmon or pork chops and four side dishes.

This Northeast Minneapolis classic will also offer a selection of starters, salads, side dishes and desserts, as well as a full bar. For grazing animals, take a plate of poached shrimp, shrimp and grains, chicken breast, pork belly, turkey, beef breast, salmon or pork chops and a side dish. The plates are decorated with the best seafood of the region, such as oysters, lobster, crabs and shrimp. Add a few options for a more casual, casual meal, such as a burger or chicken sandwich or a beer - braised burger.

Ready-made main courses range from a 4-pound chicken with spatchcocks ($32) to a 3-pound pork loin stuffed with fennel and bacon, and packages include finger-ling potatoes, balsamic - glazed short ribs and miso - glazed sea bass. There are truffles to take away, such as truffle arancini, made with fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and lemon zest, and easy to assemble cannoli.

Along with fire - roasted cream corn and candied walnuts - the main attraction is the cranberry - glazed turkey, served for four to six people. A la carte side dishes include cookies such as the Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cookie ($5) and the Peanut Butter Jelly Cookie, an appetizer for $2.50.

The $100 festive upgrade includes a curry devils egg, a side dish of curry devils eggs and an appetizer of cranberry sauce, cranberries and cinnamon.

For brunch, the kitchen has put together a three-course menu for $140 (four courses) or $210 (six courses). The menu consists of a hearty breakfast of enriched hash, a side dish of eggs and a $20 starter, all served for four. The dish consists of mixed vegetables with roasted grapes and feta and beef short ribs braised in a slow red wine demi - glace. For dinner, there are herbs - fried prime rib, fingerling potatoes, chicken breast, mac and cheese, shrimp and grains ($120, served six to eight). For lunch, four are served with side dishes and $40 for a four-plate menu; for brunch, the menu includes four, served four; and for breakfast, six or eight are served, $35 for two.

The centrepiece is a bacon starter for $20 - Brussels sprouts with bacon, served with a side dish of mashed potatoes, and $40 for a four-plate menu. Dinner consists of four courses of grilled bread, $150 (four or six courses) or $200 (five courses), with side dishes and a bourbon glazed ham, all served for four. For dinner, there are herbs - fried prime rib, finger potato, chicken breast, macs and cheese, shrimp and cereals ($120, served six to eight) and four plates of appetizers and side dishes (served four to six).

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More About Maple Valley