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The real estate market in the Maple Valley is very competitive with the rest of Washington State and even more competitive in the District of Columbia. This is the perfect time to sell your home in Washington, D.C., as the population grows and the neighborhood is a mix of wooded lots, single-family homes and apartment buildings.

Many neighborhoods have an extensive system of trails that lead to a variety of parks and trails, including the Maple Valley Trail and the Cedar Rivers Trail. Many of these trails have connections to Capitol Hill Trail, which is connected to the Washington State Trail System, the Columbia River Trail in the East End and the Cedar Rivers Trail, which leads to Renton.

While the central Ahorn Valley is predominantly residential, two large industrial estates are located along the northern and southern city borders. In the centre of this town are tree-lined streets and nature, which makes the Ahorntal something special. When it is time to get something to eat and enjoy everything that this city has to offer, Ahorntal has much to offer. A wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment options, as well as a wide range of parks and trails are available to your family in MapleValley.

Locals and tourists alike will find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, shops and entertainment options in MapleValley, as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

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Maple Valley is represented with a mortgage of 23%, which is above the average mortgage rate for the surrounding Washington state region and the state as a whole. Maple Valley is described as having the second highest mortgage rates in the region, behind Hobart and the third highest in Washington state, after Seattle and Seattle-Tacoma.

Maple Valley has a percentage of rent as a percentage of income that is less than 10%. Maple Valley Washington has 2% of the total, behind Hobart and Seattle-Tacoma, but higher than the state average of 1.5%.

Maple Valley has a rental price spread across the area, but has a higher percentage of tenants in the top 10% than the national average of 1.5%.

Maple Valley is also slightly larger, with 46.8% of residential construction, compared with Washington State, but is about twice the United States average of 4.7% in terms of changes in the number of residential units. Maple Valley is also slightly higher than the United States average in property taxes, at $3,326, but not much. By contrast, the median property tax for Washington state is 34.4% higher, showing a higher percentage of renters paying for utilities in Washington state than the national average. It is not half that high compared to a median property tax paid in Washington state for homes that are 2.5% of the US average.

Maple Valley is presented as the second smallest city with the second lowest number of "no-mortgage" (10%), the second smallest when sorted by the percentage of people without a mortgage in the Maple Valley subway area. Figure 11 shows the median income of people who own a home in the Maple Valley, and the average income of people in Washington state for homes in the Maple Valley metro areas, as well as the national average for homes with a mortgage of $5,000 or less. Maple County, Washington, the largest metropolitan area in terms of population, is also included in this figure, despite having the third-highest median home price ($1,845,500) and the median property tax, both of which are lower when sorted by income and property taxes rather than mortgage rates.

Maple Valley has the third-highest median price ($1,845,500) and second-lowest median property tax rate, but a lower median mortgage rate than the national average for homes with a mortgage of $5,000 or less. Maple Valley also had the highest number of households without mortgages in the Washington state metro area, despite having the lowest mortgage rates in Washington state.

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More About Maple Valley